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ShoutMix chat widget [close] Minggu, 28 Agustus 2011 Ini Dia Rapper Tercepat Di Dunia (21 Suku kata Per detik, Wow!)

Ini dia Rapper tercepat di dunia. Dengan kemampuan ngerap 21 suku kata perdetik. Nama panggungnya adalah Outsider. Nama lahirnya Shin Ok-cheol, lahir tanggal 21 maret 1983. Dia berasal dari Seoul, Korea Selatan, dan ngerap dengan bahasa Korea. Sebenarnya dia berada di rekor dunia. Tapi, karena dia ngerap dengan bahasa Korea (Bahasa Korea adalah bahasa yang mudah pengucapannya, tidak seribet bahasa lain), dan juri hanya menerima rapper berbahasa Inggris, maka dia tidak mendapatkan gelar rapper tercepat di seluruh dunia secara resmi.

Sekarang ini, yang secara resmi memegang rekor rapper tercepat sedunia adalah Rebel XD, asli Chicago. Ia mendapatkan dua rekor dunia Guinness untuk MC rap tercepat.
Guinness Record -1993: 673 suku kata dalam 54,9 detik
1998: 684 suku kata dalam 54,5 detik
2008: 852 suku kata dalam 42,2 detik . Setara dengan 20 suku kata per detik.

Tapi, itu masih di bawah jumlah suku kata yang bisa dirap oleh Outsider, 21 sukukata perdertik (dalam bahasa Korea).


(born Shin Ok-cheol on March 21, 1983 is a South Korean rapper. He is known for his speed-rapping and is reputed to be able to rap at 21 syllables per second. Outsider considers fellow Korean rapper MC Sniper as his mentor, and he is currently signed to MC Sniper's label, Sniper Sound.


Outsider is the world's fastest rapper at 21 syllables per second. He was supposed to be in the world record but the judges only accepted English so outsider could not win it. Outsider achieved some success as an underground rapper, leading to an appearance on a TV show hosted by the famous Yoo Jae-Seok. His fast rapping skills impressed Korean hip-hop legend, MC Sniper, who signed Outsider to his label "Sniper Sound". Soon after, Outsider released his first studio album, Soliloquist.

Outsider's second album, Maestro, had more mainstream success. The title track "Loner" held the #1 spot on M.Net and Melon music charts for more than 5 weeks, making Outsider one of the fastest rappers to ever reach #1 on a Korean music chart as well as the W- music chart. He was also the first to ever maintain #1 on both charts. Outsider has also performed on MBC, SBS, KBS, Mnet, and had appeared on SBS's Star King as a special guest for a contestant. After the promotion for "Loner" ended, he started to promote another track from the same album titled "My Youth Confession", with the help of Joy and Vassco. This track gained relative success.

Outsider has also worked with underground and overground rappers such as MC Sniper, L.E.O, Illnit, DJ R2, Bae Chi Gi, Dok2, and more. He also did a special performance with the rising ballad singer, K.Will, where K.Will showed his rapping skill by rapping alongside Outsider without a problem.

After a short hiatus, he returned on March 2010 to release an EP titled "Vol. 2.5 The Outsider 주변인" along with a music video for the album's single, "Acquaintance (주변인)", in which Outsider revisits the sound of "Loner", which mixes hip-hop with a classical edge. During this period, Outsider also gained publicity for his remake of Big Bang's "Lies".

On October 2010, Outsider released his 3rd album titled "Hero" along with two singles; "주인공 (Hero)" featuring fellow label-mate, LMNOP, and "Attitude Needed When Breaking Up (이별할 때 필요한 자세)" featuring fellow hip-hop artist, Kuan of All That. The album gained relative success, despite being released without a music video or many live performances to promote the album. The song "Hero" rose to #7 on the Mnet Single Charts, #5 on Melon, and #4 on the prestigious Gaon Chart before it was knocked off the top 10 by idols such as 2AM and fellow rapper, Psy.

Outsider has been enlisted for mandatory military service as of 21 December 2010; however, Outsider's contract with Sniper Sound will resume before his service ends.


Speed Star - 2006


Come Outside - 2004
Title Track - Lucky Day "운수 좋은 날" (Feat. Azz Chef a.k.a Sio)
Vol.2.5 The Outsider - 2010
Title track - Acquaintance " 주변인 "


Vol.1 Soliloquist - October 25th, 2007
Title track - Like A Man "남자답게 "
Vol.2 Maestro - June 1st, 2009
Title track - Loner "외톨이"
Vol.3 Hero - October 21, 2010
Title track - Hero (Feat. LMNOP) "주인공 (Feat.LMNOP)"
Attitude Needed When Breaking Up (Feat. Kuan of All That) "이별할 때 필요한 자세 (Feat. Kuan of All That)"


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